Monday, 10 July 2017

The procedure with no name

   Can you tell what is going on in this picture? A hybrid procedure with two interventions perhaps. What happens when you have to keep going back to work because it doesn't fit? For me with textiles it is my least favourite thing to do.Every time you unpick work you risk making the joins or seams more fragile. Excess is always cut away from corners or areas where there may be bulk so if you have to undo a seam you now have hardly anything to work with. However the result has to look as if nothing happened.
    If you are having to mend something where the fabric is older and less likely to hold the stitches do you patch or darn? Do you replace a section or mount the worn area onto a new unseen support fabric? Will the weakened area just tear away anyway? Is there just too much stress at that point and any fix is only a temporary fix.
   In surgery hybrid procedures have all of these challenges both with ageing materials and the uncertainty of what you will actually find when you get in there. Unpicking another persons work is a strange business. You can often find yourself wondering why they 'did that' but alterations are curious things requiring pragmatic thinking and creative problem solving. These are found both in art and surgery.

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