Friday, 26 August 2016

Still life and surgery

   Another drawing session this time with a still life group to draw. This combined a hand carved wooden curve, a pear and two glass vase 'frogs' so we had hard lines, soft curves and refracted light to tackle. We were looking at how to attempt all of these with just pencil marks and a rubber plus how to think through the problems they presented.
   The glass became the challenge as it was confusing and changeable to look at so I went through some ways of looking at the light and the structure it was shining through by using a layered surface approach with mark making (scribble/shade/rub out/add detail). It was certainly something that you have to demonstrate not describe!!!! Sometimes just dragging the rubber(eraser) through the drawing with a rapid directional  movement suddenly gave it 'light'.
  It was all about looking and really seeing ( of course !!) Do you see the cut surfaces or the curves, the light or the shade in the carved parts.Where does a pear sit when it is not on a flat surface?
  Then I suggested that everyone drew left handed (all right handers) and it worked really well. In fact the drawings were more relaxed and expressive because with a small loss of control it meant that no-one was fighting their pre-conceived ideas of wood/pear/glass.

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